Magisk Manager

Magisk Manager is the most popular and nominated rooting solution of 2020. When it comes to rooting your device one of the main issues is changing the system according to the rooting application.

Fortunately, Android Marshmallow has found a solution for this as an alternative method that can avoid modifying a folder/system. Just like a mods manager, Magisk Manager can install it from an integrated interface.

The best part of the Magisk Mask is its continuous updates with cool features,performance and support. Magisk can be identified as the best replacement for SuperSU.

If you have used SuperSU on your android device, you have experienced the issue that you can't install sensitive applications like financial and banking.

One of the main benefits of using Magisk is you can undo the root whenever and perform it accordingly. It would be better to have a previous Android Knowledge to put your hands into Magisk Manager.

How Magisk Manager performs?

Simply it works without modifying your system partition. With Magisk, you don’t need to be afraid to install banking applications. You can easily run a bank application or Over-the-air update and a lot more.

Furthermore, you can find apps and games which will not give access to use or play if your device is rooted. Most importantly you can install these applications without losing the root privileges.

When it comes to the technology of Magisk, it has a Universal system interface. Which means it can design a mod or app for you with Magisk. Since Magisk is an open-source rooting solution you can find it easy to download Magisk Manager APK / application.

Features Of Magisk

  • Magisk Hide
  • You can enjoy many applications such as Pokemon Go, Android Pay, and other Financial/Banking applications with this feature.

  • MagiskSU - Superuser app
  • You can grant or decline access to any application with MagiskSU. This feature only will execute if the android device is rooted.

  • Install
  • You can install/uninstall Magisk with the help of this application.

  • Downloads
  • You can easily manage all your repositories in the download section.

  • Modules
  • This feature is available in the Magisk Manager application.

  • Resetprop
  • ou will be able to perform any changes in your system prop file. Can perform changes in the build. Prop files are read-only files.

  • Magic Mount
  • This allows you to perform anything in your system. You can do any changes which will not affect your device partition.

Download Magisk Manager Latest version [zipped APK file ]

Root Android Device Using Magisk Manager

Requirements: To use Magisk on Android you have to root an Android device with TWRP recovery. If you don’t root Android device with TWRP recovery you can install Magisk Android Application on your Android device and perform the system less rooting.

Follow these steps to Download Magisk APK 7.5.1 Latest version for Android 2020.

STEP 1: Download Magisk APK to your Android smartphone from the above download link.

STEP 2: Install the application (Apk file) and you may get an unknown source warning to enable third party sources settings on Android device. To enable third party sources, go to Settings > Security > enable unknown sources.

STEP 3: Once it is completed, now it's time to start the installation process again.

STEP 4: Click on "INSTALL" to perform the installation of the magisk on your Android.

STEP 5: After clicking on the "INSTALL" button it will ask you to select a method.  Click on direct Install if you prefer to install the files directly to your Android without performing custom recovery on your Android phone, or you can choose "Download Zip Only" to download Zip file.

If the download is completed successfully, Magisk will install the file on your Android device.

STEP 7: If you selected "Download Zip File only" then you could see a downloading file, next you will ask to reboot your phone. So, reboot the device and open the Magisk application.

STEP 8: You have completed installing Magisk successfully if you display the screen as below.

How to Install Magisk on Non-Rooted Android Phones

Caution: Keep a backup of your personal information before starting to install it.

STEP 1: First, download and install the Magisk Zip file onto your device from here. 

STEP 2: Save the zip file in the internal storage of your device.

STEP 3: Next, reboot the device into recovery by ensuring that you have a custom recovery (TWRP) installed on your device. 

STEP 4: Then click on "Install" in TWRP recovery. 

STEP 5: Select the on your internal storage/SD card. 

STEP 6: Next, Install the zip file on your device and wait until it is getting installed on your Android device.

Now you have completed flashing the on your device. Next, reboot the device and see if it works fine.

STEP 7: Then, download Magisk Manager application and install the application. Finally, open it, and then you can see Magisk has been installed on your PC.

Hide Root on Android Device using Magisk Manager

Using Magisk Mask, you can hide root on Android devices. Magisk is the most popular and nominated rooting solution of 2020.

Before going to hide root, you must remove the rooting apps installed before. If any rooting app is still there on your handset it will lead to various issues.

Magic Hide can benefit in many ways to hide the root permission for banking applications, Over-the-air updates. Furthermore, you can find applications and games which won't allow access or play if your device is rooted.

Magisk can be identified as the best replacement for SuperSU. If you have used SuperSU on your handset, What is cooler is you can install these applications without losing the root privileges. You can enjoy your favorite application by turning Magisk hide option on from the phone settings.

Follow the below tutorial to activate the Magisk Hide option to hide the root permission on your device.

STEP 1: Download and install the Magisk Manager Apk file from the above links. Make sure to enable third-party source setting on your device. When it's done you can begin the actual process. 

STEP 2: If you experienced any difficulty in installing Magisk, install TWRP recovery mode. Install TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project) on your Android device First. now reboot the device into Recovery mode. 

STEP 3: Select Magisk.Zip and flash it directly to the device using the booting options.

STEP 4: Open the MagiskManager. Go to settings > Enable Magisk to hide the option  to make your device able to root from applications.

Advantages Of Magisk

  • You can access Financial/Banking applications
  • You can access Android Pay
  • You can access Snapchat without any troubles
  • You can bypass SafetyNet
  • You can play Pokemon Go on your rooted Android device
  • You can install OTA updates

Disadvanatges Of Magisk

  • Does not support Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL devices. (working on it)
  • Can not be placed in adaptable storage
  • Does not support multi-user.(working on it to make multi-user support)
  • Does not work on Android O preview (working on it)
  • Security of your phone may weaken
  • Lose the company warranty after rooting
  • Doesn’t have the “unroot” feature
  • Stability Issue


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is not my phone compatible with Magisk?

Magisk is not compatible with iz4 compressed boot image. If your device has got gzip compressed boot.img it will work successfully

2. I’m losing root randomly on my device

If you have enabled BusyBox in the settings, turn off that feature because LineageOS ROM might face similar issues of losing the root.

3. Who developed Magisk

Check the GitHub profile.

Video Tutorial


This tool makes it easier to use for systemless interfaces. Simply, it does not modify real system files of your device. All the modifications have been stored in the boot partition of the system. This is worth installing along with installing along with Magisk. You can privilege full benefits of Magisk if you install Magisk Manager along with it.

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