Samsung Odin Download for Galaxy Devices

Download Odin for Samsung ROM flashing and Rooting

Samsung Odin is official Samsung ROM flash utility and it was leaked over the Internet, With latest Odin 3.12.7 you can flash the firmware, kernels and customs ROMs with simple steps.( .tar and .tar.md5). Android Odin is windows based and you need PC with windows OS to run it. Download Odin through our download section then follows Android Rooting guide.

If you new to these things and do not know or 100% not sure what you do, you can download One Click Root APP and proceed. Get the direct APK file from above link. You have to enable/check "UNKNOWN SOURCES" from settings --> securty in order to install the Rooting app. Works with latest Android version and ANY DEVICE.

Use Odin Download Helper to download latest tools to your device in .zip format. Odin is only working with Windows PC, With our Download helper, you can Directly download Mobile Odin for your android device and Flash Custom ROM.

  • The device must be rooted in order to work with Mobile Odin.

Mac / Linux or Windows Users can download Heimdall as Odin alternative. Use Odin 3.12.7 for Windows PCs. Download and Save the zipped file to your Android device and transfer it to PC.

Samsung Odin Check-list - Android Odin Rooting Guide

  • You need Windows OS to run it
  • Only works for Samsung devices
  • Pick the correct tutorial and materials according to your device. Otherwise you may brick your android device.
  • You can Root your android device , flash or un-brick your device with Android Odin
  • Latest version - Odin 3.10.6

Download Links for SamsungOdin

If you came through your Android device or Smartphone, You need to download Odin through your PC --> Run and follow rooting guide. Android/iOS is not compatible with any Android Odin version for PC. Use this One Click Root or Download Helper to Download as Zipped files to your Samsung Device Internal memory or SD card, then transfer it to PC (Odin / Heimdall) Or else install and Run MOBILE ODIN from your Android device as a ROM flashing utility.

Odin Download - Android rooting video guide and example

Here are another download links, even though you need to transfer them to Windows PC in order to work[Odin].

Download Mobile Odin for Android [Mobile ODIN is the on-device firmware flasher of choice]. Samsung Odin XDA - [*zipped package / .exe Only for windows]

Rom Flashing with SamsungOdin is simple, check and follow this simple video tutorial with Odin rooting. Download SamsungOdin through DownloadHelper App and keep updated. We do not need Donations, just Rate 5 Star on Google Play, cheers Happy tweaking.