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Odin is must needed tool for Samsung device owners. You may need and find useful Samsung Odin for flash / install custom ROM or even for different purposes. Please notice that you have to take some risk when you flashing kernels or custom recovery, especially when you are not familiar with Odin and Flashing/android rooting kinds of stuff. with the simple mistake, you may BRICK your device permanently. It is highly recommended to use ONE CLICK ROOT method if you have not any prior experience or new to android rooting. Plus, Root Android One Click Root comes with following advantages.

For Rooting professional and android devs

Get the direct Download link for latest Samsung Odin 3.13.1

Download Samsung Odin 3.13.1

SamsungOdin 3.12.3

Download Samsung Odin 3.12.3

Download link for Odin 3.11.1

Download Samsung Odin 3.10.7

Odin 3.10.7

Samsung Odin 3.10.7