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Samsung Odin 3.12.3 with Android ROM Flashing Tool

Samsung Odin is the ROM Flashing tool for SAMSUNG Android Smart phone and tablets devices. Including Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy S4 etc. You can get Latest Odin from our Odin Download dedicated page.

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Download Odin and flash / Install Custom ROM to your Samsung android device. In Order to install Custom ROMs for Android phones you need Root access. Custom ROM s are made through official OTA firmware and others files.  Odin is widely used for Firmware Updates, installing Custom ROM and Kernels for android devices (Samsung android devices).

Download Odin 3.12.3 PC Latest Version [ v3.12.3 ] - Related Mirrors & Direct download links

Odin Samsung download Change-logs and updates

Samsung Odin system Requirements - download latest Odin

Important things with Samsung Odin! Read me!

Samsung phone flashing ,Rooting FAQs and Troubleshooting

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Samsung Odin Rooting Tutorial - Universal example for any Samsung android device

This is just an example of Samsung odin rooting process. This is how it goes when you start rooting your device. This will help if this is your first time with rooting. Always find the correct rooting tutorial for your Samsung android device model number. Eg: SM-G920F (not just Samsung galaxy s6). Refer to our " Samsung Odin! Read me" section.

Simple Rooting softwares - Samsung Odin 3.10.6

Samsungodin is unique for Samsung,but there are another one click root soft-wares that supports ROM Flashing , Rooting android phones like LG, Motorola , HTC , Samsung etc. Samsung Odin is the most trusted rooting tool unique to Samsung devices.