How to Root Android - Samsung Galaxy/Note

A Complete Beginner's Guide to Root, ROM and Recovery

Do you ever feel that you don’t have enough power to rule over your Samsung Phone? Or do you hate Samsung touch WIZ or Grace-UX? Well, we got you covered. In here, we are going to discuss how to Root, Install Custom recoveries and/or Custom ROMs on your Samsung smartphone. This is, in fact, a beginners friendly complete how to guide of Odin download. First let’s talk about why do you need Root, Install Custom recoveries and/or Custom ROMs.

Root? Recovery? ROM?

Root is actually a user account with extremely higher administrative power over the phone. Android is based on Linux so it’s the same root user you might familiar with LINUX Systems. Rooting is the process of acquiring the root user privileges. The safest way for root privileges is to install necessary files via a custom recovery.

Every android phone contains a small OS-like System called RECOVERY. Its job is to reset Phone when you can’t boot normally. But the Android developer community has made some special recovery programs that are capable of doing many things that a normal stock recovery Can’t do. Such as installing custom Operating System and install files into the system. Most popular custom recovery is "Team Win Recovery Project" also known as TWRP. We recommend using this as your recovery rather than using an unpopular buggy one.

Custom ROM is the name what we call a Custom OS made by the Android Development Community. These ROMs Include some special feature that Stock ROMs Doesn’t. For example, Enhanced Audio Drivers, Improved Battery, Overclocking options and many additional customizing options. There several popular Custom OSes in the world. Linage OS, CARBON, Resurrection Remix, Cyanogen (Abandoned) are a few examples.

Warning! Rooting and/or Installing ROMs, Recoveries will Permanently end your warranty period! Sometimes these Custom OSes can cause Serious problems. So always check the Bug list and Double check the compatibility with your Hardware and Existing Software!

How to Find These ROMs and Recoveries?

How to Root Android - One of the myths about Android modifications is finding the suitable ROM or a recovery for your phone might be a bit harder for someone who never flashed a ROM before. BUT THIS IS NOT TRUE.

There is a website named "" and it is the home of Android modifications. In the XDA, there are forums for every android phone in the world. All you have do is go to the XDA and locate the forum of your device. At the top, most popular ROMS and Recoveries are listed for your Device.

Warning! Always Check if the Developer Specially mentioned that his ROM/Recovery is Compatible with you Devise MODEL. Because there could be several Models for the same device.

If You Can’t find a recovery for your smartphone just Google it as shown. TWRP for DEVICE MODEL (Replace the Device model with your Phone's Model Number)

How to Find The Stock ROM/Recovery?

If you ever ran into a trouble flashing ROMs, you might have to Flash the original Software or Stock ROM. So as a safety precautions keeping a Copy of your Stock ROM is the wise thing to do. Just head over to one of the following sites to find the Stock ROM of your device.


Warning! When Downloading the ROM always use a stable Internet Connection to avoid potential File integrity damages.

About Samsung Odin

First of all, you need to learn a thing or two about Samsung Odin. So I will be quick. Odin is the Official tool to install firmware for Samsung smartphones by the Samsung itself. This tools’ compatibility is different from phone to phone. So choosing the correct version might be tricky. But referring to the following paragraph you can decide what version might suit your smartphone.
Best practice: You shouldn't Root android smartphone without Installing Custom Recovery.

  • Version 1.85 is Specially Recommended for Flashing Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich Firmware.
  • V. 3.09 is for Flashing Jellybean and KitKat Firmware.
  • V. 3.10.7 is for Lollipop
  • V. 3.11.1 is Recommended for Marshmallows.
  • But for More Modern Phones Always need the Latest Version of Samsung Odin. For Galaxy S8 and Note 8, you have to use ODIN 3.13.1.

By using ODIN, You can flash files with .tar or .tar.MD5 file Extension. Also, You can download any version of Samsung Odin from the below download button

How to Install a Custom Recovery with Samsung Odin?

Most of the times to install a Custom ROM or even root your phone, you need a Custom Recovery. So let’s see how to do that first. You may need the following.

  • At least 50% Battery Charge Remaining
  • A compatible recovery file downloaded and extracted (we Recommend TWRP)
  • USB Cable
  • A Windows PC
  • A compatible version of Samsung Odin.

Important!--> Before doing anything else you MUST make a backup of all your valuable data on the phone and copy that backup to your PC.

Let’s do this Step-by-Step.

Step 1) Go to, Settings -> About and tap 7 times on the Build Number. Now You will have a new menu in the Settings called “Developer Options” Go ahead and open it. Tick “OEM Unlock” and “USB Debugging”

Step 2) Turn off your Phone. After its fully powered down Press and hold all three POWER, HOME, and VOLUME DOWN keys. It will Show a Warning Massage and ask you to confirm the action by pressing one of the volume keys. To Continue Press the designated volume key. (Some modern phones like Samsung Galaxy S9 you will have to do a different procedure to enter Odin mode. When the device is off, Press and hold both Bixby and Volume Down keys and then press and hold the power button.)

Step 3) Now Connect the device to the pc using the USB cable. Plugin your USB cable to port in the backside of your pc will ensure the stability of the connection

Step 4) Open Samsung Odin tool. It will identify You phones and display it as “COM: #” (If it didn’t try installing Samsung USB drivers from Samsung website. But most of the times simple windows restart would fix this issue.)

Step 5) Now Click on the PDA or AP Button and Select the Extracted Recovery file. (with a .tar or .tar.md5 extension) (If you are using an older version of Samsung Odin, there will be a PDA button. Use that instead) This might take some time to verify the files integrity.

Step 6) Tick the “Auto Reboot “and “F. Reset Time” in the options and leave the rest as it is.

Step 7) Click the Start button and wait till Odin display “PASS”. This might take about 5-10 minutes at most.

Step 8) Your Phone Will Reboot. After reboot, you can turn off your phone and Boot into the Recover by Using “POWER + HOME + VOLUME UP” or “BIXBY +VOLUME UP + POWER”.

How to ROOT Android?

Now that you have a Custom Recovery, rooting is a very simple process. The only brain-exercising thing in rooting is choosing Which Root Manager you use!

Right Now there are 2 popular options available.

  • SuperSu
  • This is the most popular and most stable manager. SuperSu is developed by Chain fire. This is suitable for rooting any Android phone with any android version.

    You can download SuperSU (choose the latest version).

  • Magisk Manager
  • This is the new guy in town. Magisk Manager only supports Android version 5.0 and newer. But Magisk can bypass the Google Safety net. Which means you will be able to use your banking apps as usual without any concern for them refusing to open because you have rooted android phone.

    You can download Magisk (choose the latest version).

    1. Whatever you choose you will download a Zip file and DO NOT UNZIP IT. Place the file in the SD Card or in Internal memory.
    2. Then boot into your Custom Recovery
    3. Then Select Install
    4. Choose the downloaded Zip File and hit install.
    5. Wait till flashing process is completed.
    6. Then select reboot system.
    7. Now your device will be rebooted and Rooted!

    (if your choice is Magisk you might not get Magisk Manager by default. Just install the APK file and you will be fine)

    How to install A Custom ROM?

    This Process is also very similar like rooting your android device. But before flashing any ROMs BACKUP! BACKUP! BACKUP! And Make Sure You have at least 80% Battery left

    1. Place the Downloaded ROM file on the SD CARD. (SD CARD I mean it. Because some ROMs could wipe the internal Storage)
    2. Boot into the Custom Recovery
    3. Select Install
    4. Choose the ROM file.
    5. Hit Install
    6. Sometimes these ROMs have AROMA Installers. If they do, just select what you need and keep pressing Next
    7. Flashing a ROM take some time.
    8. After ROM completed Flashing Press Reboot to System
    9. The first reboot Will take about 10 minutes.
    10. And that’s it!

    How to Go Back to Stock OS?

    If you ran into trouble? you just don’t like custom ROMs/root android or want to unroot android device? going back to Stock is very easy. But Make Sure You have at least 80% Battery left

    1. Put your Smartphone into the Odin mode.
    2. Plug it to the PC (Using Backside USB Port)
    3. Open Odin and wait till it recognizes your
    4. Select the Stock Firmware file by clicking AP or PDA buttons
    5. Tick the “Auto Reboot “and “F. Reset Time” in the options and leave the rest as it is.
    6. And HIT the START Button
    7. You will need to wait about 15-20 minutes until the flashing is completed.
    8. After Odin Puts PASS in the box above your Phone ID, it will restart
    9. That’s it!


    • One CLick Root is another PAID/subscription based android rooting service. If you have some questions or not certain about How to Root Android device, You can buy their service.
    • Always double check if you have downloaded the correct ROM or Recovery.
    • Make sure your Internet connection is Stable when downloading ROMs
    • Sometimes you have to try different ODIN versions depending on your device.
    • Always make sure you have enough battery juice left before flashing anything. Above 80% is always recommended.
    • Always read the developers notices and Bug lists before download or choose anything.

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